UC Davis, the University of California at Davis was founded in 1908 as the University Farm an extension of UC Berkeley. In 1959, UC Davis was formally designated as a separate campus of the University of California System. UC Davis's most noteworthy accomplishes in research and academia are: School of Veterinary Medicine, environmental and agricultural science, biological sciences, School of Medicine and science related disciplines. UC Davis is consistently in the top 50 of all national universities for teacher quality, student satisfaction and excellence in highly complex research activity. The student body is comprised of over 32,000 undergraduate, graduate and professional degree students.

Third floor Mrak Hall University of California, Davis One Shields Avenue Davis, CA 95616

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The salmon diaries: Life before and after Klamath Dam removal

When salmon return from the ocean to the Klamath River after the world's largest dam removal project ends this fall, they will regain access to 400 miles of historical spawning habitat their species has been cut off from ...

Online sales of a wild bat sold as décor threaten species

A fiery orange bat, its wings folded and tiny teeth forever bared on its fuzzy face, is mounted inside a 6-inch, black coffin. Its retail price: $59. Or, for $140, you can get one framed with its black and orange wings spread, ...

Roadkill a 'preventable natural disaster,' report finds

More than 48,000 deer, thousands of Pacific newts, close to 100 mountain lions and many thousands of other animals are killed each year by vehicles on California roads, according to the 2024 "roadkill report" from the University ...

Study examines impacts of increased smoke on California lakes

As much as 70% of California was covered by wildfire smoke during parts of 2020 and 2021, according to a study from the University of California, Davis. The study, published in the journal Communications: Earth & Environment, ...

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