Bi-annual bat birthing helps Ebola persist

A bat-filled tree has been touted as the source of the on-going Ebola epidemic in Western Africa – now research from Massey University suggests that the twice yearly birthing of bats may also be responsible for maintaining ...

Young people overly optimistic about finances

A new survey of young New Zealanders by the Westpac-Massey Fin-Ed Centre shows that many believe their financial situation will improve in the coming year and their money management skills require no improvement.

West Coast valley rises as glaciers retreat

Massey University scientists say the dramatic changes to the Fox Glacier are also having dramatic effects on the landscape, with the valley rising by more than a metre in the last two years.

New research finds Takahe have African cousins

New research from Massey University suggests that our Takahē have African cousins and that our Pūkeko are getting friendly with their Australian counterparts.

Facebook and 'selfie' identities for Bhutan refugees

The 'selfie' pout is regular Facebook fare for Westernised teens. But the power of Facebook and the 'selfie' are also used by refugees to experiment with new cultural identities.

The flight of the frisky tui

New Zealand's endemic tui (Prosthemadera novaseelandiae) have a tendency to 'jump the fence' when looking to breed, a study by Massey University researcher Dr Sarah Wells shows.

Customers prefer special treatment to discounts

Giving customers the VIP treatment is more effective than discounts when it comes to establishing customer loyalty, says a Massey University consumer behaviour specialist.

The origins of multicellular life

The biological world around us is dominated by multicellular plants and animals. All of these intricate forms have evolved from far simpler, single celled ancestors.

Little blue penguin back at sea after hospital stint

Wildbase Recovery Community Trust ambassador and Rangitikei MP Ian McKelvie joined Massey University veterinary staff to release a little blue penguin back into the sea at Himatangi Beach this morning.

Norfolk Island's endangered Green Parrot numbers on the rise

The population of the critically endangered Green Parrot (Cyanoramphus cookii) on Norfolk Island is on the rise, thanks to an intensive collaboration between Massey University researchers and Norfolk Island National Park ...

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