The origin of Kobe University can be traced back to Kobe Higher Commercial School, an institution of higher education founded in 1902. Kobe University, working in a spirit of integrity, freedom, and cooperation in keeping with its open and cosmopolitan culture and environs, aims to contribute to the global community through the creation of knowledge founded on universal values and the fostering of rich understanding and strong leadership skills.


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Pesticides can protect crops from hydrophobic pollutants

Researchers have revealed that commercial pesticides can be applied to crops in the Cucurbitaceae family to decrease their accumulation of hydrophobic pollutants, thereby improving crop safety. The research group consisted ...

Protecting eels protects freshwater biodiversity

An international research team has conducted a field survey on two species of eel native to Japan, and other organisms that share the same habitat, revealing for the first time in the world that these eels can act as comprehensive ...

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