The origin of Kobe University can be traced back to Kobe Higher Commercial School, an institution of higher education founded in 1902. Kobe University, working in a spirit of integrity, freedom, and cooperation in keeping with its open and cosmopolitan culture and environs, aims to contribute to the global community through the creation of knowledge founded on universal values and the fostering of rich understanding and strong leadership skills.


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Rethinking English essay scores

To get high scores on essay writing tests, learners of English as a foreign language need to focus on good arguments more than on complex grammar. The Kobe University finding challenges conventional approaches to test preparation ...

A microbial plastic factory for high-quality green plastic

Engineered bacteria can produce a plastic modifier that makes renewably sourced plastic more processable, more fracture-resistant and highly biodegradable even in seawater. The Kobe University development provides a platform ...

Q&A: Clarifying the megathrust earthquake mechanism

There is a 70-80% chance that the Nankai Trough Megathrust Earthquake will occur in the next 30 years. It is predicted to cause more extensive damage than the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and fatalities may exceed 320,000.

Elucidating urban 'ecosystems' and creating regional diversity

What is a city? What are the geographical conditions and social factors that lead to the concentration of population in an area, and how does urbanization progress? And what is needed to create urban environments that meet ...

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