The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) is the largest multidisciplinary professional engineering institution in the world. The IET was formed in 2006 from two separate institutions: the Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE), dating back to 1871,[1] and the Institution of Incorporated Engineers (IIE) dating back to 1884. Its worldwide membership is currently in excess of 153,000. The IET's main offices are in Savoy Place in London, England and at Michael Faraday House in Stevenage, England. The IET has the authority to establish professional registration for the titles of Chartered Engineer, Incorporated Engineer, Engineering Technician, and ICT Technician, as a Licensed Member institution of the Engineering Council. The IET is registered as a charity in England and Wales, and in Scotland.


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Artificial photosynthesis energy research powered by X-ray lasers

Powerful new X-ray free-electron lasers (XFELs) are helping scientists inch closer to understanding how leaves draw energy from some of nature's most abundant resources – water and sunlight. This in turn, say researchers, ...

The unique spatial firing patterns of the hippocampal place cells

Bayesian integration is thought to be used by the brain for optimal decision-making based on information from different sources. Recent evidence indicates that the hippocampal place cells use this mechanism to integrate information ...

Researcher discusses electronic cochlear architecture

Researchers have developed an architecture and digital implementation of an electronic cochlea with an acoustic fovea and address event representation using field programmable gate arrays. Prof. Andreas Andreou of Johns Hopkins ...

Researcher discusses development of multilayer thin-film antennas

Dr Yongjin Kim of Inha Technical College, Korea, talks about the work behind the paper 'Design of transparent multilayer film antenna for wireless communication.' Such multilayer thin film antennas are transparent, a quality ...

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