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Beating the heat becoming more difficult, science says

An intense heatwave swept across Europe in July. The scorching heat fuelled fires in Spain, France and Portugal. With the thermometer topping 40 °C, the United Kingdom (UK) was the center of attention after breaking temperature ...

Robots help farmers say goodbye to repetitive tasks

We do not often think about the labor that goes into bringing our favorite fruits and vegetables to our table. For farmers, growing healthy crops involves repetitive tasks such as weeding and spraying while the crop is growing. ...

Why is populism on the rise?

A recent Washington Post article commenting on Marine Le Pen's candidacy in the recent French Presidential elections stated that: "Populism has a French accent this month," belying the accepted wisdom that populism has become ...

Why don't insects freeze solid in the Arctic?

Life in the Arctic is harsh. Arctic temperatures are punishing, making life difficult for many animals to survive. Yet lots of insects, including mosquitoes, manage to thrive in the frozen region. So why don't they freeze ...

Why can't snakes blink?

Spoiler alert: if you ever find yourself engaged in a staring contest with a snake, you'll lose.

Introducing the largest quantum photonic processor to date

Quantum computers promise to propel computing far beyond what today's computers are capable of, but this potential has yet to be realized. In their search for a way to demonstrate quantum supremacy, researchers working in ...

Key insights into a protein linked to diabetes and hypertension

The amount of salt and water in our cells and their pH is strictly controlled for cell survival. To maintain the necessary balance, special proteins perform the essential role of exchanging protons (hydrogen ions, or H+) ...

Do all animals sleep?

"Nothing is certain except for death and taxes," said Benjamin Franklin. Of course, he left out another certainty for humankind: sleep. All humans sleep, albeit some better than others. But do all animals sleep, too?

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