Case Western Reserve University was formed in 1967 with the merger of Case Institute of Technology (1880) and Western Reserve University (1826). Case Western Reserve University is a high-caliber private university located in the Cleveland, Ohio area. The current undergraduate and graduate schools have a total of less than 10,000 students. Noteworthy achievements include the medical school for patient care and research, the Biomedical Engineering Department, the Case School of Engineering, and is credited with developing the first artificial human chromosomes among its discoveries.

10900 Euclid Avenue| Cleveland, Ohio 44106-7214

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Research team improves gene editing with chemical process

The gene-editing technique known as CRISPR has accelerated biological and medical research in the last decade by allowing scientists to repair the DNA of human cells almost as simply as using a pair of scissors.

Research team identifies new mechanism for protecting DNA

Researchers from Case Western Reserve University have identified a new mechanism by which a protein known for repairing damaged DNA also protects the integrity of DNA by preserving its structural shape.

Scientists develop novel 'shapeshifting' liquid crystal

Physicists at Case Western Reserve University and Tufts University say they've changed the shape of a flat liquid crystal surface without applying any local stimulus—essentially remotely altering its physical appearance ...

Evolution and a possible geographic 'bias'

A Case Western Reserve University scientist has found that certain prehistoric horse-like mammals in South America evolved differently than their Northern Hemisphere counterparts despite similar changes in climate and ecosystems.

How to help your students learn with masking in classrooms

Associate Professor Lauren Calandruccio, who specializes in auditory perception in the Department of Psychological Sciences, shared that while wearing masks is critical during this time, increased effort is required when ...

Interior organization of the nucleolus discovered

The nucleolus—a conspicuous but obscure organelle within the cell nucleus—is normally too compact to be studied in detail. Researchers at Case Western Reserve University just learned how to simplify its structure in living ...

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