Increase in plastics reaching remote South Atlantic Islands

The amount of plastic washing up onto the shores of remote South Atlantic islands is 10 times greater than it was a decade ago, according to new research published today (8 October) in the journal Current Biology.

Increases in westerly winds weaken the Southern Ocean carbon sink

A new study of lake sediments from the sub-Antarctic reveals for the first time that increases in westerly winds are likely to reduce the ability of the Southern Ocean to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The results ...

State of the Polar Oceans 2018 published

In a new report published this week scientists from leading UK and Norwegian research institutions highlights the urgency to further investigate the least understood regions on Earth.

New magnetic anomaly map helps unveil Antarctica

The most comprehensive magnetic map of Antarctica ever produced is published this week (15 July 2018). The new map – which includes 3.5 million line-kilometres of magnetic anomaly data collected over the past 50 years – ...

Fungi respire millennium-old carbon from Antarctic soil

Fungi in Antarctic soils release carbon, as carbon dioxide, that is more than a thousand years old, a team led by scientists at the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) has found. This discovery sheds light on how carbon is released ...

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