Brigham Young University (BYU) was founded by the Mormon Church in 1875. Today, BYU has a student body in excess of 34,000 students. BYU's School of Engineering, School of Technology, Genetics and Environmental research are top tier research facilities. The primary focus is undergraduate degrees, but BYU confers 68 Master's degrees and 25 Doctoral degrees and several professional degrees. BYU emphasizes multi-lingual capabilities and features an expansive foreign language departments. Notable alumni have accomplished great things in the private sector including the development of Adobe Photo Shop, the invention of the electronic television, projects in open source product development and more.

Media Inquiry, A-41 ASB Brigham Young University Provo, UT 84602

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ChatGPT is still no match for humans when it comes to accounting

Last month, OpenAI launched its newest AI chatbot product, GPT-4. According to the folks at OpenAI, the bot, which uses machine learning to generate natural language text, passed the bar exam with a score in the 90th percentile, ...

Sexual restraint during dating years linked to strong marriages

For many young adults, single life in American culture has become synonymous with sexual experimentation in both committed romantic dating relationships and casual sexual hook-ups. However, most single adults in the United ...

Ancient artifacts reveal the 'roots of Casas Grandes'

At an excavation site in northern Mexico, BYU archaeology students and professors recently discovered artifacts that have been buried for 1,000 years, including pottery sherds, hammer stones, maize kernels and—intriguing ...

What type of GIF user are you?

When you get a text from a friend, is your immediate reaction to reply with a GIF? Do you know which GIF to send, or do you begin to scroll, searching for the perfect one? If so, it may mean more than you realize, according ...

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