The American Institute of Physics (AIP) promotes science, the profession of physics, publishes physics journals, and produces publications for scientific and engineering societies. The AIP is made up of various member societies. Its corporate headquarters are at the American Center for Physics in College Park, Maryland, but the institute also has an office in Melville, New York and Beijing, China.


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Owl wing design reduces aircraft, wind turbine noise pollution

Trailing-edge noise is the dominant source of sound from aeronautical and turbine engines like those in airplanes, drones, and wind turbines. Suppressing this noise pollution is a major environmental goal for some urban areas.

Automating blood smears for easier malaria diagnosis

One of the key steps in diagnosing or treating many bloodborne diseases is to perform a blood smear, where a drop of blood is spread across a microscope slide for analysis. It is critical the technician collecting the sample ...

Coughing downward reduces spread of respiratory droplets: study

With many people heading indoors for the winter months and respiratory droplets acting as a major contributor to COVID-19 spread, the scientific community has renewed interest in the dynamics behind how they spread. Modeling ...

Computer simulation models potential asteroid collisions

An asteroid impact can be enough to ruin anyone's day, but several small factors can make the difference between an out-of-this-world story and total annihilation. In AIP Advances, a researcher from the National Institute ...

Biosensors using field-effect transistors show great promise

Demand for sensitive and selective electronic biosensors—analytical devices that monitor a target of interest in real time—is growing for a wide range of applications. They are ideal for health care within clinical settings, ...

Understanding phase change materials for thermal energy storage

As the world searches for practical ways to decarbonize our activities and mitigate associated climate change, approaches to alternative energy are hampered by the intermittent nature of energy sources, such as solar and ...

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