In Brief: Broadband surges in industrialized world

A new report showed the number of broadband Internet connections in the industrialized world surging some 15 percent in the second half of last year.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in Paris announced Wednesday that total broadband connections grew by nearly 22 million in the second half, raising per capita connections to 13.6 per 100 people.

Iceland led in per capita connections with 26.7 per 100 people, followed by South Korea (25.4), the Netherlands (25.3) and Denmark (25.0).

On the low end were Greece (1.4), Turkey (2.1) and Mexico (2.2).

The United States, Britain, France and Japan were in the middle of the pack with 15-18 connections per 100 residents.

DSL made up 62 percent of broadband connections, with cable modems representing 31 percent and other technologies including wireless and satellite making up the other 7 percent of world broadband service.

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