French police choose IDenta equipment

The French National Police, including much of the drug-enforcement network, chose Israeli firm IDenta's equipment this week to outfit their units.

"The announcement follows the release of a detailed report by the Scientific Laboratory of Police at Lyon after several months of testing and comparing drug detection products from other internationally-recognized companies," IDenta said in a statement.

Initial orders for drug kits are expected to reach 75,000, with an order potential of several hundred thousand kits during 2006, the company said.

"We are most pleased that IDenta's products tested highest among the most respected products in our industry. France is a very large market. We believe the entire European drug enforcement community will be monitoring the effectiveness of our products to help combat the drug problem in France for many months to come," Chief Executive Officer Yaacov Shoham said in the statement.

IDenta develops and manufactures proprietary on-site drug-detection kits, including rapid test kits (substance only) for the detection of marijuana, hashish, ecstasy, cocaine, crack, heroin and methamphetamines, the company statement said.

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