Magma Developing 65-nm Quartz DRC Runset for IBM Processes

Magma Design Automation Inc., a provider of semiconductor design software, today announced that IBM has been evaluating Quartz DRC Design Rule Files for its 90- and 65-nanometer foundry processes. Quartz DRC is a key component of Magma’s recently announced Cobra 2005.03 release and results from Magma’s acquisition of Mojave Design. With access to the design rule files, Magma and IBM customers can validate the manufacturability of physical designs manufactured by IBM’s foundries.

"Based on early results, IBM has been impressed with its performance and scalability," said Kevin Carswell, vice president of Product Technology Development for IBM Systems and Technology Group. "As IBM foundry customers begin using Quartz DRC in their 65-nm design flows, we plan to fully support them."

Quartz DRC is targeted to provide the fastest turnaround time of any physical verification tool, with a goal of performing full-chip design rule checks (DRC) in less than 2 hours. Improved manufacturability is also provided via superior modeling capabilities for 90- and 65-nm technologies.

“We’re very excited to work with IBM to provide design rule files for Quartz DRC. IBM’s advanced process technologies for 90 and 65 nm are key to our customer base, and we are happy that IBM has validated Quartz DRC’s performance and capabilities,� said John Lee, general manager of Magma’s Physical Verification Business Unit.

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