Fujitsu's New LifeBook B6000 Touch Screen Notebook

Fujitsu's New LifeBook B6000 Touch Screen Notebook
Fujitsu expanded its mobile product portfolio announcing the new LifeBook B6000 Series of light and powerfully equipped ultra-portable touch screen notebooks ideally designed for healthcare, field-force automation and other fast-paced, forms-intensive workplaces. Featuring a larger, 50% brighter screen and exceptionally long battery life, the 3.3 pound LifeBook B6000 notebook, powered by the Intel Pentium M ULV 753 processor with enhanced SpeedStep technology delivers the flexibility of a touch screen and the productivity of a notebook for maximum efficiency.

Equipped with a 12.1-inch XGA touch screen display, the LifeBook B6000 notebook, which replaces the LifeBook B3000 notebook, makes it remarkably easy to navigate swiftly through special purpose, project-based, forms-based or menu-driven applications with a stylus or fingertip. Up to six hours of extended battery life ensures work is not interrupted, and a built-in microphone enables convenient dictation.

"We needed a mobile computing solution that would give our nurses real time access to patient clinical information and allow them to provide the highest level of care to patients in their homes," says Richard Younker, director of information services at the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System's Home Care Network, which conducted more than 567,000 home health visits last year. "The LifeBook B Series, with its long battery life, large screen and light weight, enables us to provide care faster and more efficiently than ever before."

With security top of mind in Fujitsu mobile product design, the LifeBook B6000 notebook features a multitude of security capabilities to keep confidential data protected. The LifeBook B6000 notebook comes Smart Card ready, incorporates embedded Trusted Platform Module (TPM) technology as a standard feature for complete platform and data integrity, offers an optional biometric fingerprint swipe sensor, and integrates the Fujitsu Security Application Panel with over 800,000 possible combinations with supervisor and user password levels.

"The LifeBook B6000 notebook puts intuitiveness right at customers' fingertips with a brighter and bigger touch screen for faster, easier and more efficient input, which translates into significant time savings," said Paul Moore, director of product marketing for mobile computing at Fujitsu Computer Systems. "In healthcare, for example, the LifeBook B6000 notebook will allow caregivers to more efficiently process patients, resulting in less time per patient while delivering the same level of quality care."

The LifeBook B6000 notebook offers both built-in modem and Gigabit Ethernet connections, along with optional Bluetooth for convenient wireless connections to Personal Area Networks or Bluetooth-enabled devices such as PDAs, smart phones, printers and other peripherals. Atheros Super AG WLAN is offered as an option.

The LifeBook B6000 notebook is available through the Fujitsu direct sales force, Web site and channel partners with pricing starting at $1,649 for a base configuration. Users can choose from a recommended configuration or they can customize their system using the Fujitsu Configure To Order (CTO) program.

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