Organic EL Panel Has Long Enough Life for Mobile

Ding-Chan Wang, president and CEO of RiTdisplay Corp of Taiwan, said that he thinks an organic electro-luminescence (EL) panel has a life long enough for a mobile phone.

He went on to say that the life of an organic EL panel running between 5,000 and 7,000 hours is seen by most manufacturers as enough for a mobile phone, judging from the usage of a mobile phone.

Wang made the comment at the Business Conference of SID 2004, an international conference for the display business, which was held on May 24, 2004.

The company says customers who use a mobile phone for less than one hour a day account for about 40% of all mobile phone users.

Those who use it between one and two hours account for a little less than 30%, whereas those who use it between two and three hours account for about 15%. For about 85% of all users, it will take about nine years of operation to reach 7,000 hours.

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