Zootaxa is a peer-reviewed scientific journal for animal taxonomists. It is published by Magnolia Press (Auckland, New Zealand). The journal was established by Zhi-Qiang Zhang in 2001 and new issues are published multiple times a week. As of November 2011 more than 21,000 new species have been described in the journal. Zootaxa gained international notice when it published a paper announcing the discovery of the Cypriot Mouse in October 2006.

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New deep-sea crustacean discovered in Bahamas

An international team of marine biologists including Oliver Shipley, Ph.D., of the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (SoMAS) at Stony Brook University, have discovered a unique isopod, a form of crustacean, that has ...

Citizen scientists help discover new mantis species

James Cook University researcher Matthew Connors has discovered two new praying mantis species with the help of citizen scientists. The finds have been published in Zootaxa.

Two new species of racerunner lizard discovered in Iran

A team of zoologists and biologists affiliated with several institutions in Russia and Iran has identified two new species of racerunner lizards in Iran. In their paper published in the journal Zootaxa, the group describes ...

Study describes 48 new species of spiders

A paper recently published in Zootaxa documents the 48 species of ground-hunting spiders from the family Miturgidae, which can be found across Australia, particularly in arid habitats in open eucalypt forest, brigalow, mallee, ...

Speedy new species of snake uncovered in Australia

A new species of snake has been identified for the first time by a team of researchers from the University of Adelaide, the South Australian Museum and the Western Australian Museum.

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