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Improved fluorescent amino acids for cellular imaging

New research conducted by researchers in the lab of Penn's E. James Petersson in collaboration with Oregon State University and the University of Washington describes how proteins in living cells can be engineered to include ...

Large effect of Solar activity on Earth's energy budget

This is the result of a new study by researchers from DTU Space at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who have traced the consequences of eruptions on the Sun on clouds and ...

An efficient and low-cost approach to detecting food fraud

Fraudulent practices in food production, especially false claims of geographical origin, cause billions of dollars in economic damage every year. Botanists at the University of Basel have now developed a model that can be ...

Quantum circuit black hole lasers to explore Hawking radiation

The fundamental forces of physics govern the matter comprising the universe, yet exactly how these forces work together is still not fully understood. The existence of Hawking radiation—the particle emission from near black ...

Oldest footprints of pre-humans identified in Crete

The oldest known footprints of pre-humans were found on the Mediterranean island of Crete and are at least six million years old, says an international team of researchers from Germany, Sweden, Greece, Egypt and England, ...

Vultures prefer roosting near civilization

Human-altered landscapes often bring hardships for wildlife—unless you're a vulture, according to a new study by University of Georgia researchers.

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