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Eight-year periodicity of train millipede confirmed

A trio of researchers with the Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute and Shizuoka University, both in Japan, has confirmed the eight-year periodicity of the train millipede. In their paper published in the journal ...

Masks block 99.9% of large COVID-linked droplets: study

Face masks reduce the risk of spreading large COVID-linked droplets when speaking or coughing by up to 99.9 percent, according to a lab experiment with mechanical mannequins and human subjects, researchers said Wednesday.

How does immersive reality affect implicit racial bias?

Implicit racial bias refers to automatic, non-conscious behaviors, even if one's explicit attitude is not biased at all. Several studies have shown these prejudices are reduced in white people after being in the body of a ...

Weddell Sea: Whale song reveals behavioral patterns

Until recently, what we knew about the lives of baleen whales in the Southern Ocean was chiefly based on research conducted during the Antarctic summer. The reason: in the winter, there were virtually no biologists on site ...

Dogs may never learn that every sound of a word matters

Despite their excellent auditory capacities, dogs do not attend to differences between words that differ only in one phoneme (e.g., "dog" vs "dig"), according to a new study by Hungarian researchers of the Eötvös Loránd ...

Brains 'primed' for life on land

A new study adds another layer to the remarkable evolutionary transition of life from water to land on Earth.

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