The Reviews of Modern Physics is a journal of the American Physical Society. The journal started in paper form. All volumes are also online by subscription. Issue 1, Volume 1 consisted of the review by Raymond T. Birge (1929) "Probable Values of the General Physical Constants", Reviews of Modern Physics.

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Ultrafast control of quantum materials

An international team with participation of the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI shows how light can fundamentally change the properties of solids and how these effects can be used for future applications. The researchers summarize ...

Getting up to speed on the proton

Scientists have developed a groundbreaking theory for calculating what's happening inside a proton traveling at the speed of light.

Playing games with quantum interference

As Richard Feynman famously put it, "the double slit experiment is absolutely impossible to explain in any classical way and has in it the heart of quantum mechanics. In reality, it contains the only mystery."

How to improve climate modeling and prediction

We are changing the Earth system at a unprecedented speed without knowing the consequences in detail. Increasingly detailed, physics-based models are improving steadily, but an in-depth understanding of persisting uncertainties ...

Quantum Hall-based superconducting interference device

In a recent report published on Science Advances, Andrew Seredinski and co-workers presented a graphene-based Josephson junction with dedicated side gates fabricated from the same sheet of graphene as the junction itself. ...

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