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New model for analyzing color vision in aphids

Aphids are one of the least welcome garden visitors. These small insects can cause substantial damage in agriculture, but how do they actually choose their host plants? What are the basic mechanisms behind this? Researchers ...

Ecological complexity and the biosphere: The next 30 years

In 1972, the report Limits to Growth showed that business as usual on a planet with limited resources and a rapidly expanding human population can only end up in unsustainable growth and collapse. The report was inspired ...

'Sensing system' spots struggling ecosystems

A new "resilience sensing system" can identify ecosystems that are in danger of collapse, research shows. The system uses satellites to spot areas of concern—including those at risk of "tipping points"—and can also measure ...

Ecosystem restoration with DNA technology

The monumental global task to restore degraded ecosystems will need to include sophisticated technologies such as environmental DNA monitoring to understand and support the recovery of complex biospheres, international researchers ...

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