Continuing its long history of influential scientific publishing, Philosophical Transactions B publishes high quality theme issues on topics of current importance and general interest within the life sciences, guest-edited by leading authorities and comprising new research, reviews and opinions from prominent researchers. Each issue aims to create an original and authoritative synthesis, often bridging traditional disciplines, which showcases current developments and provides a foundation for future research, applications and policy decisions.

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A new lexicon in the age of microbiome research

Over the past 20 years, life science research has come to realize that all living beings—from the simplest animal and plant organisms to humans—live in close association with a large number of microorganisms. Together ...

Even low levels of artificial light disrupt ecosystems

A new collection of papers on artificial light at night show the impact of light pollution to be surprisingly far-reaching, with even low levels of artificial light disrupting species communities and entire ecosystems. Published ...

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