Adjusting Earth's thermostat, with caution

A vast majority of scientists believe that the Earth is warming at an unprecedented rate and that human activity is almost certainly the dominant cause. But on the topics of response and mitigation, there is far less consensus.

Dynamic calibration of pressure sensors using shock tube

Scientists at NPL's Dynamic Pressure Sensor Facility have published a paper, Towards a shock tube method for the dynamic calibration of pressure sensors, in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A.

New research to support the huge potential of tidal power

(—New research from a global group of scientists and engineers, including from the University of Southampton, has been published in a special issue journal of the Royal Society. The work is in support of tidal ...

Prospectus addresses most pressing marine science questions

A 'Prospectus for UK marine science' has been published by the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A. The themed issue, which includes contributions from scientists based at the National Oceanography Centre, details ...

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