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High-tech contact lenses correct color blindness

Researchers have incorporated ultra-thin optical devices known as metasurfaces into off-the-shelf contact lenses to correct deuteranomaly, a form of red-green color blindness. The new customizable contact lens could offer ...

Scientists expand memory effect range through spatial filtering

Speckle autocorrelation imaging is a new emergent imaging technique through scattering media, with its main advantages in simple experimental setup, single-shot fast detection and non-invasion. The prerequisite of speckle ...

Chip-based optical sensor detects cancer biomarker in urine

For the first time, researchers have used a chip-based sensor with an integrated laser to detect very low levels of a cancer protein biomarker in a urine sample. The new technology is more sensitive than other designs and ...

Bringing faster 3-D imaging for biomedical researches

By combining a compressive sensing algorithm with a digital holographic microscope, Prof. Shih-Chi Chen of the Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong ...

Researchers capture moving object with ghost imaging

Researchers have developed a way to capture moving objects with the unconventional imaging method known as ghost imaging. The new method could make the imaging technique practical for new applications such as biomedical imaging, ...

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