Launched in January 2018, Nature Sustainability is an online-only monthly journal publishing the best research about sustainability from the natural and social sciences, as well as from the fields of engineering and policy.

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How fishermen benefit from the reversing evolution of cod

Intense fishing and overexploitation have led to evolutionary changes in fish stocks like cod, reducing both their productivity and value on the market. These changes can be reversed by more sustainable and far-sighted fisheries ...

Changing landscapes alter 'disease-scapes': Study

A new study has highlighted how and when changes to the environment result in animal-borne disease thresholds being breeched, allowing for a better understanding and increased capacity to predict the risk ...

Earth system boundaries must ensure justice, say researchers

In a new study published in Nature Sustainability an international team of scientists from the Earth Commission, convened by Future Earth, investigates how global biophysical boundaries need to be adjusted to ensure a safe ...

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