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No shot: Why America won't pull the trigger on gun control

Whether you consider the Second Amendment a dangerous relic or inspiration for a tattoo, the U.S. public as a whole doesn't consider guns an important issue, except in the immediate wake of a mass shooting.

'Fake news' increases consumer demands for corporate action

New research finds that "fake news" inspires consumers to demand corrective action from companies—even if the company is a victim of the fake news story. The study also supports the idea that most people feel they are better ...

Women wearing hijabs in news stories may be judged negatively

Women wearing a veil or headscarf in the United States may face harsher social judgement, according to a study by Penn State researchers that found when given the same information in a news story, some people may consider ...

Social media use increases Latino political participation

Usually, researchers study the effect communications have on the target of a message, says Alcides Velasquez, University of Kansas assistant professor of communication studies. But in the case of a new study on social media ...

Neutral news perceived as biased depending on who shares it

Researchers at the University of Utah and Konkuk University found that news stories are perceived as biased based on who shares that story on social media, regardless if the actual story is biased. Published in Mass Communication ...

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