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Journal of Materials Chemistry is a peer-reviewed scientific journal publishing original (primary) research and review articles on the applications, properties and synthesis of exciting new materials. Journal of Materials Chemistry is published weekly by the Royal Society of Chemistry. The editor of Journal of Materials Chemistry is Liz Davies. Journal of Materials Chemistry has an impact factor of 4.795 (2010). Journal of Materials Chemistry publishes the following types of articles: Research Papers (original scientific work); Communications (original scientific work that is of an urgent nature); Feature articles (reviews highlighting areas of special excitement and progress); Highlights (short review articles) ; and Applications (review articles covering the applications and properties of a class of materials). Feature articles, Highlights and Applications are written by special invitation of the Editor or Editorial Board only.

Impact factor
4.795 (2010) ()
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Ice is no match for CSU-developed coating

Anyone who's ever chipped ice off a windshield or nervously watched a plane get de-iced, take note: Colorado State University researchers have invented an ice-repellent coating that out-performs today's best de-icing products.

dateNov 17, 2016 in Materials Science
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