The Journal of Hazardous Materials publishes full length research papers, reviews, and case studies which improve our understanding of the hazards and risks certain materials pose to people and the environment or deal with ways of controlling these hazards and associated risks. The Editors particularly welcome proposals for review articles. To limit the scope the following areas are excluded: standard municipal and waste and wastewater treatment processes; manufacturing of explosives.

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Microplastics ingestion under the microscope in invertebrates

A study led by Griffith University researchers has exposed two generations of a sediment-dwelling invertebrate to microplastic and found that while the 'parent' generation experienced negative impacts, the 'child' generation ...

Canadian e-waste has tripled, new study finds

New research finds that Canada's electrical and electronic waste (e-waste) has more than tripled in the last two decades, the equivalent of filling the CN tower 110 times and generating close to a million tons in 2020 alone.

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