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How exploring Hawaiian caves helps NASA search for life on Mars

In August 2019, Chloe Fishman crawled into a cave beneath the largest active volcano on the planet. Along with scientists from NASA and other institutions, she had come to Hawaii's Mauna Loa volcano to study the microscopic ...

Curiosity rover discovers water-rich fracture halos in Gale Crater

A research team using new methods to analyze data from NASA's Curiosity rover and its neutron spectrometer Dynamic Albedo of Neutrons, or DAN, on Mars was able to independently verify that fracture halos contained water-rich ...

Europa's plate tectonic activity is unlike Earth's

Plate tectonics represents a defining framework of modern geoscience, accounting for large-scale features on Earth's surface, such as mountains and valleys, as well as the processes that shape them, like volcanoes and earthquakes. ...

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