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Plasmids and the spread of antibiotic resistance genes

Though the harnessing of antibiotics is one of the most significant human innovations, their efficacy is continuously eroded by the craftiness of their microbial targets. Once a single bacterium mutates to become resistant ...

New role of small RNAs in Salmonella infections uncovered

Salmonella are food-borne pathogens that infect millions of people each year. To do so, these bacteria depend on a complex network of genes and gene products that allow them to sense environmental conditions. In a new paper, ...

Ye olde pathogen: Learning about evolution from ancient DNA

As long as humans have been around, there have been pathogens to make us sick. Some have achieved infamy in human history—the bubonic plague, for example, or smallpox—and with modern technologies, scientists can time-travel ...

Shining light on how bacteria interact

The ways in which bacteria infect cells are important for understanding host-pathogen interactions. The knowledge also opens up a world of practical applications.

Study reveals how bacterial pathogen adapts to nutritional stress

In order to cause disease, the human pathogen Staphylococcus aureus must adapt to the changing host environment. Many of these adaptations are mediated through two-component signal transduction systems (TCSs) that coordinate ...

Alternatives to antibiotics found in sheep poo and on human skin

Scientists at the APC Microbiome Ireland SFI Research Centre have added to their arsenal of new antimicrobials with discoveries of Nisin J, a new antimicrobial produced from staphylococcal bacteria found on human skin and ...

Dangerous bacteria communicate to avoid antibiotics

A bacterial infection is not just an unpleasant experience—it can also be a major health problem. Some bacteria develop resistance to otherwise effective treatment with antibiotics. Therefore, researchers are trying to ...

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