A transdisciplinary, open-access science journal, Earth's Future examines the state of the planet and its inhabitants, sustainable and resilient societies, and the predictions of our common future. The journal assesses the challenges and opportunities of an era where humans dominate Earth’s environment, resources and ecosystems. It publishes peer-reviewed articles, reviews and (short and long-form) commentaries in areas that include water, air, food, energy, hazards, climate and weather, ecosystems, human well-being and demographics, among others. Contributions focus on Earth as an interconnected, evolving system to inform researchers, policy makers and the public on the science of the Anthropocene.


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Enabling climate change adaptation in coastal systems

In recent years, there has been a proliferation of scientific publications on how coasts can adapt to the impacts of climate change. However, a study led by marine biologist Dr. David Cabana of the Climate Service Center ...

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