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Does political party trump ideology?

It's the political scientist's often-asked chicken and egg: does a person's political party or policy attitudes come first?

New model of polarization sheds light on today's politics

No politics is local anymore and it's driving us apart, according to a new mathematical model of political competitiveness developed by Mattias Polborn, professor of economics at Vanderbilt University, and Stefan Krasa, professor ...

Hitler: Election campaigner with limited influence?

While history has cast Adolf Hitler as a trailblazing propagandist, he has also been portrayed as a successful political campaign speaker—but does this narrative stand up to scientific scrutiny? Political scientists from ...

The immune system may explain skepticism towards immigrants

There are deep-seated conflicts throughout the Western world about how to handle the influx of refugees and immigrants—should we close our borders or bid the newcomers welcome? New research reveals that such opposing points ...

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