The American Naturalist is a monthly peer-reviewed scientific journal that was established in 1867. It is published by the University of Chicago Press on behalf of the American Society of Naturalists. The journal covers research in ecology, evolutionary biology, population, and integrative biology. As of 2009, the editor-in-chief is Mark McPeek. According to the Journal Citation Reports, the journal has a 2010 impact factor of 4.736, ranking it 17th out of 130 journals in the category "Ecology" and 10th out of 45 journals in the category "Evolutionary Biology".

University of Chicago Press on behalf of the American Society of Naturalists
United States
Impact factor
4.736 (2010)

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The persistent effects of colonialism in Caribbean science

Prior to the First World War, sprawling European empires collectively controlled roughly 80% of Earth's landmass. Following WWII, that percentage drastically shrank, as colonies and occupied territories successfully vied ...

Vegetarian birds more sociable than insect eaters

Weaver birds that eat seeds flock together and nest in colonies more commonly than those species that eat insects, suggests new research by an international team of scientists led by the Milner Center for Evolution at the ...

Researchers investigate squid found far from home

As the name implies, California market squid are often sold in stores and typically found between Baja California and Monterey Bay. So, the squid's periodic appearance in the Gulf of Alaska—about 1,200 kilometers (745 miles) ...

How plants compensate symbiotic microbes

"Equal pay for equal work," a motto touted by many people, turns out to be relevant to the plant world as well. According to new research by Stanford University ecologists, plants allocate resources to their microbial partners ...

How plankton hold secrets to preventing pandemics

Whether it's plankton exposed to parasites or people exposed to pathogens, a host's initial immune response plays an integral role in determining whether infection occurs and to what degree it spreads within a population, ...

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