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Can online civic education strengthen democratic values?

A study published in the American Journal of Political Science shows that civic education interventions can work to increase support for democracy, and doing so in the social media context can reach many more people, with ...

How to measure the reputation of bureaucracies

The behavior of administrative agencies largely depends on the bureaucratic reputation that units and departments enjoy with different audiences. However, the current scholarship has not yet produced a coherent measure of ...

How terrorism affects our attitudes

Many studies have investigated how terrorism affects people. A new, large meta-study has compiled the results of 325 previous studies to tease out some overall results across contexts. The meta-study includes responses from ...

Q&A: How COVID-19 is impacting politics in the United States

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting many aspects of our lives, and politics is no exception, especially in a presidential election year. Most in-person campaigning has stalled. Politicians are judged on their responses to ...

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