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Q&A: How COVID-19 is impacting politics in the United States

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting many aspects of our lives, and politics is no exception, especially in a presidential election year. Most in-person campaigning has stalled. Politicians are judged on their responses to ...

Political affiliation may help drive and shape a person's morals

Which came first—the personal beliefs or the political party? While it may seem intuitive that a person's beliefs or moral compass may steer them toward one political party over another, a new study suggests it may be the ...

Pesticide companies leverage regulations for financial gains

Pesticides are present in many food products and play a central role in the production of traded agriculture, giving them global and economic significance—and necessitating proper regulation. Yet, some pesticide companies ...

Democracies more prone to start wars – except when they're not

Research shows public pressure pushes democratically elected leaders to be more aggressive in international conflicts than their autocratic counterparts but finds some exceptions. What kind of political leader is most likely ...

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