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Lianas, trees show varied stem xylem structure-function link

The xylem of the plant stem performs several important functions. Elucidating the coordination or trade-offs between xylem functions is critical for understanding plant ecological strategy and adaptation to different environments. ...

Plant biologists shed light on 144-year-old seedy mystery

In April 2021, four Michigan State University plant scientists met at an undisclosed area on campus to dig up a bottle containing seeds buried more than 144 years ago by MSU botanist William J. Beal.

Lianas found to have large vessel dimorphism

The determination of plant vessel structure is fundamental for further understanding vascular function in different plant groups. Vessel dimorphism may be an important hydraulic strategy and ecological adaptation of plants. ...

New species of alga named for poet Amanda Gorman

In 2020, a group of researchers in Fay-Wei Li's lab at the Boyce Thompson Institute (BTI) had done what many scientists dream of doing: They discovered a new species. But as they discussed what to name this green alga from ...

Discovery uncovers a new leaf for redwoods

Redwoods are among the most well-studied trees on the planet, and yet their mysteries continue to surprise and delight scientists and nature lovers.

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