Ecology May 14, 2019

It's not just fish, plastic pollution harms the bacteria that help us breathe

Ten per cent of the oxygen we breathe comes from just one kind of bacteria in the ocean. Now laboratory tests have shown that these bacteria are susceptible to plastic pollution, according to a study published in Communications ...

Environment May 13, 2019

Green energy nudges come with a hidden cost

All across the United States, many households receive energy bills comparing their use to that of similar neighbors to remind them to use less energy. At most companies, employees are automatically enrolled in 401(k) plans ...

Environment May 14, 2019

Big Brother-style surveillance gives new insight into Amazon's hidden wildlife

Scientists are deploying ultra-sensitive sensors in the Amazon to collect images and sounds of the rainforest's rich biodiversity in real time, in an effort to track preservation efforts.

Plants & Animals May 13, 2019

Catapulting spider winds up web to launch itself at prey: study

Just when you thought spiders couldn't get any more terrifying.

Earth Sciences May 13, 2019

Glassy menagerie of particles in beach sands near Hiroshima is fallout debris: study

Mario Wannier, a career geologist with expertise in studying tiny marine life, was methodically sorting through particles in samples of beach sand from Japan's Motoujina Peninsula when he spotted something unexpected: a number ...

Materials Science May 13, 2019

Energy from seawater: Power generator autonomously switches between two functional modes

Underwater vehicles, diving robots, and detectors require their own energy supply to operate for long periods independent of ships. A new, inexpensive system for the direct electrochemical extraction of energy from seawater ...

Biotechnology May 13, 2019

Human gut microbiome physiology can now be studied in vitro using Organ Chip technology

The human microbiome, the huge collection of microbes that live inside and on our body, profoundly affects human health and disease. The human gut flora in particular, which harbor the densest number of microbes, not only ...

Ecology May 15, 2019

Predator exposure can help vulnerable species survive in the wild

Bilbies vs. feral cats—a Hunger Games-style experiment conducted in a South Australian desert has produced fascinating results with important implications for the conservation of our endangered species.

Biotechnology May 13, 2019

Scientists create new genomic resource for improving tomatoes

Tomato breeders have traditionally emphasized traits that improve production, like larger fruits and more fruits per plant. As a result, some traits that improved other important qualities, such as flavor and disease resistance, ...

Biochemistry May 17, 2019

Scientists find 'molecular destruction code' for enzyme involved in cholesterol production

A team of UNSW scientists at the School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences led by Professor Andrew Brown have shown how a key enzyme that contributes to cholesterol production can be regulated—and destroyed—using ...

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