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Probing Question: Is the moon shrinking?

While everything else changes, itэs comforting to think that some things in the universe will always stay the same. The sun always rises and sets, the tides ebb and flow, and the moon hangs in the night sky, just as ...

dateDec 09, 2010 in Space Exploration
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Eye see you

Scientists have found a way of deterring litterbugs, in an experiment which could also aid the fight against other anti-social behaviour.

dateDec 09, 2010 in Social Sciences
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What makes gamers keep gaming?

( -- Creating Wikipedia has so far taken about 100 million hours of work, while people spend twice that many hours playing World of Warcraft in a single week, notes Jane McGonigal, a game designer and researcher ...

dateDec 09, 2010 in Social Sciences weblog
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