Archive: 9/12/2009

Cyclone Cleo has reached its maximum wind speed

NASA Satellites noticed that Tropical Cyclone Cleo had reached its maximum strength, and was now moving into areas that will weaken it. Cleo's maximum sustained winds were near 115 mph (100 knots), with gusts to (138 mph) ...

dateDec 09, 2009 in Earth Sciences
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Charles Darwin: More than the origin

Although Charles Darwin is most well-known for his book On the Origin of Species, in which he described the process of natural selection, he greatly contributed to many specific fields within biology. As the bicentennial ...

dateDec 09, 2009 in Evolution
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Magnetic Power Revealed in Gamma-Ray Burst Jet

( -- A specialized camera on a telescope operated by U.K. astronomers from Liverpool has made the first measurement of magnetic fields in the afterglow of a gamma-ray burst (GRB). The result is reported in the ...

dateDec 09, 2009 in Astronomy
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