Evolution debate reaches South Carolina

South Carolina lawmakers are again embroiled in the continuing evolution controversy to decide how textbooks should present scientific theory.

MySpace, Google among '06 Webby winners

The winners of the 10th Annual Webby Awards were announced Tuesday; among them were Myspace.com, The Onion, Google, and the BBC. The Webby Awards from the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences honors excellence ...

'Cyberblackmail' on the rise

As illegal moneymaking schemes go, it's certainly not a new one: Crooks steal something of value from their victims and then demand ransom for its safe return. The 21st-century twist in the tale is that now it's not just ...

Study links plankton blooms to earthquakes

A team of U.S. and Indian scientists says it has found a link between concentrations of chlorophyll in coastal waters and the occurrence of earthquakes.

Lawsuit filed against Teflon maker DuPont

A lawsuit has been filed in Des Moines, Iowa, charging the DuPont Co. with failing to disclose the potential dangers of using its Teflon-coated cookware.

RAZR competes with flowers on Mother's Day

Tired of taking mom out to the same neighborhood restaurant for brunch each Mother's Day? Or maybe she's getting bored of getting a bunch of lank carnations or a bottle of perfume from a department store every spring?

Scientists Have Identified Basic Principles of Communication

How do we succeed in putting our ideas into words, so that another person can understand them? This complex undertaking involves translating an idea into a one-dimensional sequence, a string of words to be read or spoken ...

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