Archive: 9/02/2011

Literature review made easy with new software

To many, writing is difficult. Researchers lament that running experiment in labs is easy but reporting is hard. Hence, Teoh Sian Hoon created an Integrative Literature Review Software to assist academics and students to ...

dateFeb 09, 2011 in Software
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Laying a fairytale to rest with human hair

A team of engineers from Imperial College London have developed a contraption made of human hair, enabling presenters from the world’s longest running children’s television program to test the theory behind a fairytale.

dateFeb 09, 2011 in Other
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Novel device sheds light on the beauty of science

The wonder of science often comes from the endless possibilities opened up by each successive discovery and the unexpected findings that result. Scientists at the University of Bristol now have a new tool that will yield ...

dateFeb 09, 2011 in Nanophysics
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