Кeview: Automatic keeps tabs on driving habits to cut gas use

This is going to be a conflicted review. Today we're looking at the Automatic ($100), a very interesting combination of a smartphone application and a Bluetooth dongle that reads information from your car's computer. The ...

Stiff resistance to state technology taxes

As the nation moves from a tangible goods-based economy to a service-based economy, a few states are trying to keep revenues robust by taxing technological services such as software upgrades and cloud computing. But a backlash ...

Dolphin virus outbreak in Atlantic is deadliest ever

The deadliest known outbreak of a measles-like virus in bottlenose dolphins has killed a record number of the animals along the US Atlantic coast since July, officials said Friday.

Airline industry swooping in to prevent cyberattacks

Worried that computer hackers attacking banks and media companies could easily shift targets, the airline industry is taking preemptive steps to ensure it doesn't become the next victim.

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