Archive: 8/11/2010

Plasma as a fast optical switch

Laser uses relativistic effects to turn otherwise opaque plasma transparent, creating an ultra-fast optical switch useful in next-generation particle accelerators.

dateNov 08, 2010 in Plasma Physics
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China unveils photos of moon

China on Monday unveiled photos taken by its lunar probe of the moon's Sinus Iridium, the area marked out for the nation's first landing, highlighting the success of the mission so far.

dateNov 08, 2010 in Space Exploration
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Broadband usage growing even as gaps persist

(AP) -- The U.S. still faces a significant gap in residential broadband use that breaks down along incomes, education levels and other socio-economic factors, even as subscriptions among American households overall grew ...

dateNov 08, 2010 in Telecom
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Haiti 'got very lucky' as Tomas skirted island

(AP) -- Hurricane Tomas pushed northward from Haiti on Saturday, leaving villagers to mop up, evacuees to return to their tents and most everyone relieved that the country did not suffer what could have been its first big ...

dateNov 08, 2010 in Environment
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