Amazon jumps into market for business-data analysis

Amazon.com rolled out a new service that lets business customers analyze large amounts of data, putting it into the business intelligence market where it will compete with SAP and Microsoft, as well as younger firms such ...

3-D laser printer captures 'maker' movement's attention

Entrepreneur Dan Shapiro has a long history in the high-tech industry. He founded Sparkbuy, a price-comparison site, was CEO of Google Comparison and launched photo-sharing service PhotoBucket.

Mobile app connects college students, peer tutors on demand 24-7

Ethan Keiser, 24, is founder of StudyTree, a mobile app that connects college students for on-demand peer tutoring. The student-to-student solution creates a marketplace enabling students to either make money as a tutor or ...

On soft ground? Tread lightly to stay fast

These findings, reported today, Friday 9th October, in the journal Bioinspiration & Biomechanics, offer a new insight into how animals respond to different terrain, and how robots can learn from them.

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