HTC launches 'selfie' smartphone, new camera

Taiwan-based HTC on Wednesday unveiled its newest smartphone with high-resolution cameras on both sides to appeal to people who take "selfie" pictures.

Kafka's The Metamorphosis, robot style

Franz Kafka's seminal work The Metamorphosis is famous for its themes of alienation, absurdity and now androids, as a robot takes centre stage in a new theatrical adaptation.

You have a phone. Do you need HTC's video camera?

Everywhere you look people are using smartphones and tablets to snap pictures and film concerts, speeches—their kids' ballet recitals—and instantly share the experiences with friends and family. At many events people ...

Court mulls secrecy of national security letters

A government lawyer argued Wednesday that national security efforts would be "hamstrung" if the FBI was barred from sending secretive demands for customer data—national security letters—to telecommunication companies, ...

Drug-infused nanoparticle is right for sore eyes

For the millions of sufferers of dry eye syndrome, their only recourse to easing the painful condition is to use drug-laced eye drops three times a day. Now, researchers from the University of Waterloo have developed a topical ...

Community justice court associated with lower rearrest rates

The opening of a community court in a high-crime area of San Francisco was associated with a lower chance that offenders would be arrested for another crime within a year, according to a new RAND Corporation study.

Several US banks attacked by hackers who hit Chase

Several US financial institutions were targeted by the same computer hackers who breached the systems of JPMorgan Chase earlier this year, sources familiar with the matter said Wednesday.

California solar tower that can kill birds dropped

A solar-energy company has dropped a proposal to build a 75-story tower in California that uses a new kind of technology that can cause some birds to ignite in midair.

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