Archive: 8/10/2010

Hungary's red sludge nearly equals Gulf oil spill

(AP) -- The mighty Danube apparently absorbed Hungary's massive red sludge spill with little immediate damage Friday but laboratory tests heightened concerns about possible longer-term harm caused by toxic heavy metals in ...

dateOct 08, 2010 in Environment
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Shedding light on treasured vaults

In 1881, a Spanish builder named Rafael Guastavino immigrated to the United States with no job, no family awaiting him and no grasp of English. He did possess one valuable piece of knowledge, however: Guastavino had learned ...

dateOct 08, 2010 in Other
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Can the past secure pygmy possum's future?

Australia's ancient past may provide vital clues about how to secure the future of one of Australia's most endangered animals, the charismatic mountain pygmy possum, according to leading palaeontologist Professor Mike Archer.

dateOct 08, 2010 in Ecology
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LCLS helps create order from chaos

In the world of physics, where everything tends toward disorder, researchers working on the Linac Coherent Light Source are seeking perfect order. Many experiments at the pioneering machine will require each molecule in a ...

dateOct 08, 2010 in General Physics
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