117 years on, the storm which destroyed Galveston

As the United States braced for its second major hurricane in two weeks, Friday marked the 117th anniversary of the deadliest storm in US history, the "Great Galveston Hurricane."

NASA's fleet of satellites covering powerful Hurricane Irma

NASA's fleet of satellites have been continually providing forecasters with data on Hurricane Irma. NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite provided a look at the wide-eye of Irma and if you think about the area of maximum sustained ...

Lazy ants make themselves useful in unexpected ways

If the first thing that comes to mind when you think about ants is "industrious," you might be in for a surprise. In 2015, biologists at the University of Arizona reported that a sizable chunk of the "workers" that make up ...

Researchers invent novel process for extracting sugars from wood

The shampoo you washed your hair with this morning. The balloons for the party. Refrigerators and sunglasses, medicine and mosquito repellent, guitar strings and fishing lures. These—and thousands of other products we use ...

Mexico's alert system plays its part as quake strikes

Sirens wailed across Mexico City late Thursday warning its estimated 20 million population of a rapidly approaching quake from the Pacific, the latest use of its effective early warning system.

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