How to keep the pen mighty in the digital age

Of late, it has been looking as if the death of handwriting might be upon us, as a screen-obsessed society texts, tweets, and Instagrams its way through every situation. Old writing tools? Drying up in the pen-itentiary.

Tidal reveals star-studded film, new streaming promotion

Streaming service Tidal revealed an original movie starring recent Oscar winners Thursday as telecom giant and part-owner Sprint announced a new campaign to woo customers to the underdog music platform.

Moroccan fossil find rearranges Homo sapiens family tree

This week's unveiling of the oldest-known Homo sapiens remains has painted an excitingly chaotic picture of what Earth was like 300,000 years ago—bustling with hominin species that included a very early version of our own, ...

Gadgets: Gifts for Dad—that he really wants

You think you really know what your dad wants for Fathers Day but really, you don't. Let me fill you in on what he really wants; you can't go wrong with any of these.

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