Archive: 8/05/2007

Sun Beefs Up NetBeans

New features of the Sun NetBeans open-source IDE include support for Ruby on the JVM as well as new service and support options.

dateMay 08, 2007 in Software
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HP Adding HD-DVD/Blu-ray Hybrid Drives to PCs

Hewlett-Packard said it will be beefing up select high-end PCs this week with options including a dual format HD DVD/Blu-ray optical drive by LG, digital cable tuners, Intel Core 2 Quad Processors, and Nvidia's GeForce 8800 ...

dateMay 08, 2007 in Hardware
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Gene mutation linked to cognition is found only in humans

The human and chimpanzee genomes vary by just 1.2 percent, yet there is a considerable difference in the mental and linguistic capabilities between the two species. A new study showed that a certain form of neuropsin, a protein ...

dateMay 08, 2007 in
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