Some assembly required to boost robot ratings

Robot makers may want to follow Ikea's strategy for customer satisfaction and give people a chance to partially assemble their new robots to ease acceptance of the devices, according to Penn State researchers.

Fans to catch flight for prime view of total solar eclipse

Skygazers from around the country are catching a flight from Alaska to Hawaii on Tuesday for prime viewing of a total solar eclipse that will unfold over parts of Indonesia and the Indian and Pacific oceans.

Tiny fossils tell a long(ish) story

The impact of an asteroid at the end of the Cretaceous caused mass extinctions in the oceans, as well as killing the dinosaurs on land. The carbon isotope difference between surface and seabed organisms (foraminifera) also ...

Total solar eclipse to sweep across Indonesia

Tens of thousands of sky gazers will watch a total solar eclipse sweep across Indonesia on Wednesday, with parties, prayers and tribual rituals to mark the spectacle in the world's biggest archipelago nation.

Disparity in student loan debt between blacks and whites

Black young adults not only have substantially more student loan debt than their white counterparts (68.2 percent more) but are not nearly as protected by their parents' wealth as their white counterparts, according to a ...

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