Archive: 8/02/2007

Nanopatterns Regulate Electricity

Regular arrangements of sodium atoms make sodium cobalt oxide a perfect material for laptop batteries, an efficient cooling material and a superconductor. The concentration of sodium atoms in the material can vary and the ...

dateFeb 08, 2007 in Nanomaterials
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Research aims to calm your car's rattling

Researchers at Purdue University are getting close to eliminating those rattling and squeaking noises in your car's headrest and other components, major sources of consumer dissatisfaction that automakers would like to eliminate.

dateFeb 08, 2007 in Engineering
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A tidy disk, a tidy mind

How to master the chaos in an endless sea of photographs? In the present age of digital photography, the sheer number of images creates a great need in the archiving of pictures. At this year’s CeBIT trade fair, scientists ...

dateFeb 08, 2007 in Software
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