Environment affects crime gender gap

While women in general commit far fewer violent crimes than men, a new study by a Northeastern University professor finds the difference between the genders is much smaller in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Think multitasking is new? Our prehistoric ancestors invented it

Answering e-mail while toggling between telephone conversations. Monitoring social networking sites while working. Supervising the kids' homework while listening to the news and cooking dinner. The abundance of contemporary ...

35,000 new species 'sitting in cupboards'

(PhysOrg.com) -- Of 70,000 species of flowering plants yet to be described by scientists, more than half may already have been collected but are lying unknown and unrecognised in collections around the world, Oxford University ...

Bird call database nests online

A growing online library of bird sounds, photos and information offers a new resource for backyard birders and seasoned ornithologists alike.

Legalizing online gambling bad bet for lame-duck Congress: expert

The lame-duck Congress may be the last chance for the current Democratic majority to slip through legislation legalizing online gambling, a move that could have dire consequences for communities and the economy, a leading ...

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