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Tech tinkers with daily routines

High-school classmates from 30 years ago connect daily on Facebook. Cable customers report outages on Twitter. A father text messages his daughter to gently tell her it's time for her boyfriend to go home.

dateOct 07, 2009 in Hi Tech & Innovation
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There's no perfect way to back up your hard drive

If there's one thing to keep in mind about computers, it's this: Hard drives fail. I relearned that lesson recently when one of my laptop's external hard drives stopped working and then my 4-year-old iPod died.

dateOct 07, 2009 in Hardware
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Changing focus leads Dell to close NC plant

(AP) -- A massive Dell Inc. computer assembly plant once seen as a job generator worthy of the promise of more than $300 million in state and local inducements will go dark in four months, a victim of new corporate calculations ...

dateOct 07, 2009 in Business
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The Church is still popular

Despite decline in numbers of worshippers and increased secularisation the church is still valued and appreciated as an institution which protects and preserves common values in the public sphere. This has been shown by sociologist ...

dateOct 07, 2009 in Social Sciences
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FBI smashes US-Egypt cyber 'phishing' ring

Investigators in the United States and Egypt have smashed a computer "phishing" identity theft scam described as the biggest cyber-crime investigation in US history, officials said Wednesday.

dateOct 07, 2009 in Internet
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