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Clean 3-way split observed

In chemistry as in life, threesomes are not known to break up neatly. And while open-minded thinkers have insisted that clean three-way splits do happen, nobody had actually witnessed one – until now.

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Forward step in forecasting global warming

Arizona State University researchers have made a breakthrough in understanding the effect on climate change of a key component of urban pollution. The discovery could lead to more accurate forecasting of possible global-warming ...

dateAug 07, 2008 in Earth Sciences
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Fingerprints provide clues to more than just identity

Fingerprints can reveal critical evidence, as well as an identity, with the use of a new technology developed at Purdue University that detects trace amounts of explosives, drugs or other materials left behind in the prints.

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Pacific shellfish ready to invade Atlantic

As the Arctic Ocean warms this century, shellfish, snails and other animals from the Pacific Ocean will resume an invasion of the northern Atlantic that was interrupted by cooling conditions three million years ago, predict ...

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